Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pad See Ew!!

Tonight, was my first attempt at Pad See Ew, a Thai dish that centers around rice noodles cooked in a thick soy sauce. I found that I can get my Thai fix from it without having to round up all the ingredients necessary for Pad Thai. Which is not to say that there aren't a few odd ingredients in the mix. Luckily, all of them can be found locally at Lin Hing.

I could walk you through the entire recipe, but Chez Pim does a far better job of explaining it than I ever could. I followed her instructions carefully, but you will need to adjust the sauce accordingly if you like yours sweeter or more sour. I substituted tofu for pork, but did not take the time to marinate it. I just hit it with a splash of the fish sauce while I cooked it, but it would have benefited from a bit of the thick soy sauce. Since I didn't marinate anything, I omitted the oyster sauce and the dark sesame oil. The Chinese Broccoli is worth seeking out; I prefer it to regular broccoli hands down, and it's dirt cheap at Lin Hing.

All in all, it turned out extremely well. I see a lot more Thai food in my future... Next up, Papaya Salad!