Wednesday, February 20, 2008

After the Eclipse

A special thanks go out to Ken and John who were both kind enough to remind me about the lunar eclipse tonight. I didn't take any pictures during the eclipse, but I really liked the fiery glow of the moon afterwards. I only wish I had a telescope to get a better view. Maybe when Ken gets his, I'll take some pictures through it.


Ken P. said...

You did get a picture durring the eclipse. If the moon was red, it was totaly eclipsed. You missed getting a picture of the partial eclipse, which is before and after the total eclipse.

FYI: The bright dot to the left of the moon is Saturn, and the bright star above the moon is Regulus, alpha star of the constellation Leo.

Ken P. said...

Sweet picture by the way. I've tried taking shots of the moon before, and it's no easy task. At least not without a tripod, a telescopic lens, and possibly a light filter of some type.

My props goes out to your quickly developing photography skills.

Keith Shank said...

Thanks for the compliments, Ken. It was COLD trying to get those shots. Also, I tried to position the camera in such a spot that the street lamps would be blocked by trees. Still, the light pollution kinda sucks.

Also, this picture was taken at 22:01, which I'm pretty sure was after the eclipse. Maybe the moon looks a bet orange after the eclipse as well.

Thanks for the other info, as well. I can't believe how much you've been researching astronomy. When you get your telescope it will be a good day!