Sunday, February 17, 2008

Red Curry with Potatoes and Tofu

Last night, we had a bunch of Yukon Gold potatoes to use up, so I decided to whip up a curry. Curries are great for utilizing leftover stuff, so I proceeded to clean out my fridge. For this recipe, I seared the tofu in peanut oil, then set it aside. Next, I sautéed onions, orange bell pepper, potatoes, garlic, and red curry paste. I deglazed with chicken stock and a bit of water - enough to cover the potatoes so that they would simmer. When the potatoes were about half way done, I added a half can of coconut milk, and a big handful of frozen spinach. When the potatoes were nearly done, I added the tofu back in to warm. I garnished with green onions and served with white rice.

Have you noticed that I REALLY like Thai food?

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