Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Common Ground Coffee...Well, Not Ground Yet

Actually, the coffee is only purchased at Common Ground and imported by Equal Exchange, a fair trade business. Until a few weeks ago, I wasn't aware that Equal Exchange had Ethiopian coffee. As many of you know, I prefer to support Ethiopia by buying their coffee, and I always try to point out any fair trade coffee that I come across. This one also happens to be organic, as most from Ethiopia are.

Ethiopia is renowned for their coffee, and this one hails from the southern region of Sidama. It is a full city roast that produced a fruity shot, albeit a little on the stale side. The beans weren't oily, and it was obvious that they were in the bin at the store for a while; which is an issue because it's not tightly sealed and it's exposed to light. It didn't help that I left it in my cupboard for several weeks before I tried it. Despite all that, it is very delicious and I will be buying it again considering the lack of Ethiopian coffee on the market. It's $8.99/lb.

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