Saturday, March 15, 2008

Cooking Gone Wild

Backpacking is one of my favorite outdoor activities although I haven't been able to do much of it recently. There is nothing like the feeling of freedom knowing that all the essentials (and a few luxuries) are strapped neatly to my back, and that I can fully experience nature without the annoyances of car camping campgrounds (not that there is anything wrong with car camping).

So, what then, do you eat when you are wandering aimlessly for days through seemingly endless mountain trails? Berries, fiddlehead ferns, wild game, twigs, leaves? Well I, like many others, bring homemade dehydrated food that I reconstitute with hot water in camp. Dehydrated food saves a ton of weight and space which allows me to stay "lost" for longer. It's incredibly easy to prepare and requires very little time in camp to cook - simply add boiling water. The meals can be very delicious if you follow the recipes in here book or online.

My good friends over at the Backpacker Forums have helped me tremendously when it comes to backcountry cooking. The forums are a wealth of knowledge with several active members who have authored back country cookbooks. Among them is my friend Laurie from Ontario who recently authored "A Fork in the Trail." It is a collection of 208 recipes designed to be lightweight and completely delicious.

She also keeps a blog at her website that I will be reading from now on. And if anybody has any questions, please feel free to drop me an email or head to the forums for some insight.


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