Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Old Stock Ale

My buddy Ben brought me a hand-picked four pack of North Coast beers for Christmas; one of which was a 2004 Old Stock Ale. I was super appreciative since I requested that all my gifts be perishable last year, and this beer is fairly difficult to obtain (not to mention pricey). And they have been resting quietly inside my chill chest for months.

The Old Stock Ale packs a whopping 13.25% ABV, which is quite apparent in the first sip. I detected a heavy caramel character countered by smooth bourbon tones. I have not tried any of the newer models, but the 2004 seems to have a more mellow characteristic than I would expect a younger version to have. To revel in a pint of four year old ale is not something one does daily, but I strongly recommend the experience!

Nothing like relaxing with this beer as the sun falls...

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