Sunday, April 6, 2008

Rock Island Trail

Josh and I hit the trail yesterday after I purchased a new inner tube for my rear bike tire and installed it at the trailhead. The weather was outstanding for riding, and I'm not the least bit sore today. We only rode about six miles due to some off-road riding that left us exhausted. The ground is much too soft for that kind of nonsense. Also, I've got some severe shifting problems with my bike that I was unable to fix while riding (eg. adjusting the cable tension). This was most prominent when my bike wouldn't downshift while riding through the grass - it's definitely time for a tune up.

I did manage to snap a few good shots, but I wish it were closer to dusk. For fear of a ticket, we made sure that we were back before then; plus there were flat iron steaks to grill and beer to drink.

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