Saturday, November 24, 2007

New Taste of Thai, In Peoria!

Yet another papaya salad! And this one came from Taste of Thai right here in Peoria. It's under new ownership and we were very apprehensive about going. We had heard negative things about the old place, but the new place ranks with some of the better Thai food I have eaten. As always, I requested that they cook my food as they would eat it. The papaya salad was very spicy, but not as spicy as some. The cook informed me that his wife likes it much spicier than he does. The egg rolls were delicious, but extremely greasy. They were served with a tangy dipping sauce. I also had a tofu Pad Thai that was very delicious. It was sauced perfectly and the tofu was seared properly. My buddy had a Red Thai Curry with Chicken that was very spicy, but a bit thin for my taste.

Papaya Salad with Tomatoes and Iceberg Lettuce

Pad Thai with Tofu

Thai Egg Rolls and Red Curry with Chicken

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Kevin Lowe said...

I always get hungry when I visit your site. Great pics. I went to Taste of Thai many years ago and enjoyed it. I'll go again soon, based on your fine write up.