Sunday, November 11, 2007

Nihilist Stout

Today was perfect. Fed Ex attempted to ruin my day by changing the delivery date of my grains, yeast, and hops, thus preventing me from brewing beer. Consequently, I found a very cool homebrew shop here in town that far exceeded my expectations - Harrington's on Sheridan. They were able to supply everything I needed to brew my Russian Imperial Stout at a very reasonable price. They also carry a complete selection of keg accessories, so I can refurbish old kegs as needed.

This particular beer called for a larger than usual lauter tun because of the vast amounts of grain used. It is particularily difficult of find a 10 gallon Rubbermaid style cooler that can be fashioned into a serviceable tun. Thankfully, I was able to locate one last night at GFS and convert it to be used today. I brewed five gallons of the beer, and plan to brew five gallons of IPA within two weeks.

Anyway, after a long day of brewing, I am very pleased with the results. The Nihilist's OG was 1.074, which is larger than I expected, but kinda light for the style. I'm estimating that my efficiency with this system is about 80%. This beer should be about 7.5% ABV and cost approximately $.57 per pint.

Mashing the grains for 90 minutes.


Siphoning the wort into a fermentation bucket. Mmmmmm Black Gold

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Hottenstein said...

Ahh the memories come rolling back, good deal man.