Saturday, November 24, 2007

Nihilist Stout Keg Tapping

Well, after a serious overhaul of my kegging equipment, I was able to keg my Nihilist Stout and force carbonate it with the paltry amount of CO2 I had left. It was a beautiful thing to see it pour out of the tap with just the proper amount of pressure. I love draught beer.

Nihilist Stout (Russian Imperial Stout)
7% ABV
Appearance: Jet Black with a deep tan head. No light passes through.
Aroma: Deep and roasty with slight banana esters. Medium head retention.
Taste: Caramel notes and coffee like flavors. Hints of banana. Very malty and slightly sweet.
Mouth Feel: Very thick and creamy.
Drinkability: Very Drinkable. It is the best Imperial Stout I have ever produced. It could benefit from a few weeks of aging - if it lasts that long!

See this post for pictures of the Nihilist brewing.


Ken P. said...

The Nihilist Stout was very good. A stout lover's dream.

Kevin Lowe said...

That looks awesome. I'll have to get back to brewing. It's a great hobby.