Monday, May 26, 2008

Backpacking Fun

Becka and I embarked on our first camping trip (together) at Weldon Springs near Clinton, IL on Saturday. We originally wanted to go to Shawnee National Forest, but I was kinda turned off by the holiday gasoline price gouge.

The park is very nice, but I wouldn't want to camp anywhere but the two backcountry sites, which are very beautiful - once you find them. Weldon Springs pays no attention to the little things such as signs, maps, or reservations. According to the map, the trail that led to our campsite had only two intersections. In reality, there were about 10 forks in the trail; only two were marked with signs of a skier or a hiker. After hiking a few miles out of the way, we found our campsite. It was very lovely.

My Hennessy Hammock is an asymetrical hammock that allows you to sleep across the curve, nearly flat. I can even sleep on my side in it. I love the way it rocks you to sleep at night. It's the best sleep I've ever had outdoors - and it's extremely light - just under two pounds.

Buddy and I Filtering Water From the Creek

Cooking Blueberry Pan Muffins. I forgot the pan attachment ring for my Jet Boil, so I had to fashion a pan rest from firewood.

Blueberry Pan Muffin Close-up

Sandy, Becka, Me, and Buddy in front of my Kelty four season tent.

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Rebecca said...

I can't wait to go again!