Thursday, May 1, 2008


Monday, I stopped in for a light supper at Sushigawa. It was packed! I couldn't believe how many people were there for a Monday night; especially for sushi. In Peoria. Anyway, I'm glad they are doing well unlike so many other restaurants in the area. I did notice, however, that the prices have gone up; not surprising.

I really wanted a light supper, but ended up ordering several greasy items; not entirely on purpose. First, I ordered a shrimp and vegetable tempura appetizer that came with two shrimp, two carrots, one zucchini, one onion ring, and fried soba noodles as a garnish. It was accompanied by a mild, unremarkable, soy based dipping sauce. Everything was decent, but fairly greasy. The carrots were a bit plain - I had hoped for something slightly more exotic. They were cooked perfectly, though.

Next, I ordered a Yellowfin Tuna and Green Onion Maki. It was very nice, but would definitely have benefited from more tuna. Hastily, I ordered a Spicy Fried Crab roll, that I though was going to be a spider roll (deep fried soft shell crab with cucumber, avocado, etc.). But it turned out to be a deep fried, inside out roll, with loads of spicy crab meat on the inside. It was hard to tell, but the crabmeat seemed authentic with little to no surimi involved. After reviewing the menu, I found my beloved Spider Roll, but time was not on my side. I went without.

I tried ordering some red bean ice cream to go, but they were out. Very disappointing. The meal came to just under $20 and I was satiated. I've had better food there, but it was not terrible. I have no qualms about returning.

How do they stretch the shrimp out that long?

I hate plastic garnishes.

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