Monday, May 12, 2008

Brown Rice Sushi

A close chef friend of mine recently reported decent results using brown rice for sushi. Taking his advice, Becka and I whipped up the Good Eats sushi rice recipe. The substitution of short grain brown rice required a much longer cooking time (about 40 minutes) and some additional water. At first we didn't think it would be sticky enough to make nigiri, but it performed perfectly. We were concerned the flavor might overpower the fish, but it wasn't overwhelming. The texture was a bit toothier, which was a drawback, but the sushi was still pretty outstanding.

Bottom line: we will most likely use brown rice for healthier, "non-white bread" sushi and stick to authentic sushi rice for special occasions.

Pickled Ginger, Salmon Nigiri, Crab and Cucumber Maki, Crunchy Clam Maki, Salmon and Avocado Roll, Cucumber Garnish.

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Suzi Riot said...

Looks wonderful! I think I almost prefer the brown rice to the regular stuff now that I'm used to it.