Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New Works from an Old Friend

I recently had the opportunity to photograph a number of paintings by my good friend Josh Pitcher. I worked with Josh quite a few years ago when I got my first real restaurant job. He taught me so much about cooking and life that I will owe him for years to come. Although it was a pretty lousy job, we had some great times there - it was a fun environment to work in. Josh and I would often play music late into the night after working at the restaurant, and occasionally play open mics together.

Josh's sculptures are some of my favorite of his works - primarily his granite pieces. He also does mixed media paintings of tools, portraits, self-portraits, and abstracts. This photo shoot consists mostly of abstract acrylic on canvas painted between 2005 and 2007. Josh sells his art at various shows throughout Illinois, but you can call him directly if you see something here that you like. Most of his work is untitled, so I've numbered them on my flickr account. If you are interested in a piece, check out my Flickr account or click the photo on the slideshow and note the number. If not, just enjoy the free art show!


Josh Pitcher
Peoria, IL
(309) 692-1476
(309) 712-3840


Anonymous said...

Cool pieces! Would be interested to know which shows he does. Hope to see photos of his sculpture work sometime soon.

Anonymous said...

hello, my name is alanna derocchi- i went to school at wiu with josh, and i was just wondering what he was up to- does he have an email address? his paintings look great! my email address is