Tuesday, January 29, 2008

¿Tenga Clase?

Someone asked me a while ago if Mexico had all dirt floors. I know that it was partially in jest, but I think people have serious misconceptions when it comes to imagining industrialized Mexico. Sure, there are areas where people live in shacks built from used automobile parts and scrap metal, raise farm animals in the street, and have dirt floors, but it is hardly representative of the entire country. When it's bad, it's really bad - but even I was surprised to find the amount of upscale places that were accessible by a good portion of the population; at least in Monterrey where jobs are abundant. This excludes the American tourist traps along the coast where you expect to find high class living.

I thought I should post a few of the more upscale food related photos that I took in Monterrey. I found a nice cafe called Tok's in a newer shopping center a few miles from downtown. The menu indicated that they hire students from the local culinary school. Although it was just a cafe, the decor was really upscale and the plate presentation was decent.

I suspect that Tok's might be a chain restaurant, but I was unable to find any other locations online.

Their Chili Relleno is among the best I've ever had.

This is an upscale supermarket that carried a lot of quality food. They had about a dozen different kinds of granola available in bulk. They also had a nice selection of beer and liquor, but it wasn't cheap.

Ok, so this one isn't food related, but it is one of the coolest equatorial sundials I've seen. I don't fully understand all of the intricacies of this, but I suspect there is more to it than I have gathered in my research. If anybody has a better understanding of this type of sundial, apparent solar time, or the equation of time, please point me to a resource that could help explain it. Thanks.

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