Sunday, January 6, 2008

Rio Bravo...

Today was a day of biking/hiking near the Rio Grande. I managed to get several good shots of some wildlife. The Javelinas (I call them pig dogs, but they are more closely related to rhinos) are quite used to people, but I did manage to get too close to one of them. He subtly let me know that I was in his personal space and I backed off. I also saw a roadrunner which was pretty swell. My favorite picture was the Green Heron (apparently they are pretty rare) which I managed to capture by getting a bit dirty and sitting peacefully by the water for a while. Other bird folk were up on the overlook using their high dollar zoom lenses and spotting scopes trying to takes its picture. I feel like I got the more intimate shot.

The very curious green heron

The roadrunner

The Javelinas

Here is a tattered building where Mexicans sometimes hide until it's safe to cross.

As always, there are more pics on my flickr page.


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