Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Sizzling India

Becka and I ate at Sizzling India a while back, but I simply haven't had time to blog about it. The meal was pretty decent as usual. It's definitely not the best Indian food that I've ever had, but the service was really excellent the other night. I will say that I have better luck ordering off of the menu as opposed to the lunch buffet. The food tends to be slightly less mushy, which I prefer, as I like to see what I'm eating.

I ordered two of the Chili Bajji appetizers as a meal, and they kindly threw in the traditional side dishes. Bajji are stuffed chillies dipped in a garam (or gram) flour batter and deep fried. The stuffing usually consists of ground chickpeas that are mildly spiced with cumin and other seasonings. They weren't the best I've had, but they were sufficient. Sizzling India serves three standard condiments on the side: a tamarind sauce, a cilantro mint sauce, and a tangy chutney. My favorite combination is a 50/50 mix of the tamarind sauce and the cilantro mint sauce. It provides a nice sweet and sour tang to the dish, but also adds moisture as the bajjis can be a bit on the dry side.

Becka had some sort of vegetable curry, but I can't remember exactly what was in it. She said it was very good, however. The sides included white rice, a corn soup, dal, a mushroom curry, a vegetable curry, a tangy yogurt sauce, and a mango custard with canned fruit cocktail floating in it. I liked all of the sides except the tangy yogurt and the mango dessert. I'm just not a fan of canned fruit cocktail - it's just not...right. The custard was decent. Also, the corn soup was a bit bland, but edible.

And then there's Naan. There is just something about Indian flat bread cooked in a tandoor. I could make a meal out of Naan and curry any day.

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Rebecca said...

Malai kofta, I believe. It was tasty, but would've benefited from a higher food:sauce ratio.