Saturday, October 6, 2007

Brilliant Morning...

Today, Becka and I attended the Farmer's Market in Bloomington where I bought, among other things, these habanero peppers for a dollar. Becka tells me that the market has died down considerably. We still had a great time taking the puppies out, even if there weren't any more giant zucchinis for 50¢.

Afterwards, we walked to a hippie store called Common Ground. They specialize in bulk foods sold by the pound. It's a chef's dream because you can purchase as much or as little as you desire. Their prices are more reasonable for their bulk goods than their other products. My picture reflects their new bins, as their web photos are outdated.

After the shopping, we went to the Coffeehouse, a nice little vegetarian deli and coffee shop. Becka had the French Toast (looked yummy, but not pictured) and I had the vegetarian burrito. It consisted of scrambled eggs, tomatoes, green peppers, onions, cheddar cheese, and jasmine thai rice wrapped in a flour tortilla and griddled. It was accompanied by a side of very fresh but extremely mild salsa. The rice was bland. Everything else was fine. If I had a decent bottle of hot sauce it would have been a perfect breakfast. The Breakfast Burrito was $3.79, and the French Toast was $3.29. They also serve fair trade coffee. I had a cappuccino served in a mug that set me back $2.50. It was worth every penny.

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