Wednesday, October 3, 2007

No confidence vote, anybody?

This video from YouTube was brought to my attention today. This focuses on Texas Legislators, but these practices go on in other states as well. It's a great visual of State Representatives voting for their lazy colleagues that fail to show up for work. If I didn't show up for work and continually ignored the rules when I was there, I would be fired, not rewarded with an annual 10% raise. Got Ethics?


JMeesh said...

Thanks for posting this. Man this really burns my bisquit! >:(

Anonymous said...

For whatever reason I am not shocked by this they expect the people below them to continually uphold integrity, service before self , and excellence in all we do as they demonstrate a substandard work ethic. That’s politics and yet non of us are naive people we know this is probably more common than not and to be aggravated was my initial reaction..... I adore the lovely media who are controlled by the man themselves and really don’t know the true meaning of freedom of speech/press ....... Such is life

There is always a major disservice somewhere

It almost makes me think about that fine line between good and evil ....realistically we use evil to fight evil

Yes I am perturbed

Good day