Monday, October 15, 2007

My Guilty Pleasure

General Tso's Chicken. Who doesn't love this bastardized, pseudo Chinese fried dish? I'll take mine extra spicy, please. At Ming Shee, this is $5.01 during lunch hours.

The "crab" rangoon features fake crab and tons of cream cheese goodness. It takes a lot of cream cheese to trick me into eating surimi (the hotdog of the sea). I like the fact the the broccoli is steamed perfectly and the egg roll has sort of a peanut butter flavor. It's odd, but nice.


Chef Kevin said...

Dude, you are on FIRE with all these posts!! Great to see you are enjoying yourself with this. It does get addictive.

A friend of mine & I get into sushi rolling extravaganza every so often and we start rolling some untraditional ingredients like pan seared duck breast, rare beef strip loin, grilled chicken thighs, prosciutto, pancetta and some other crazy things.

JMeesh said...

i love the good generals chicken myself. i havent eaten it in forever though. for the life of me i can not remember if ming shee or yen ching has the best...