Monday, October 22, 2007

I Have Heat! Thanks, Perry's

After paying an absurd amount of money for a furnace ignitor, I now have precious heat. I called every heating and cooling outfit in the phonebook and explained my problem to them. When I called Perry's Heating and Cooling, Ray (the owner) answered and accurately diagnosed my problem based upon the detailed information that I provided him. He quickly gave me an estimate which was much lower than any other company in the phonebook. I set up an appointment, and he gave me a two hour window of 1-3pm. He showed up just a few minutes after one (my house in notoriously difficult to find).

When he arrived, he was clean, friendly, and seemed knowledgeable. He quickly verified his previous diagnosis, and within fifteen minutes I had heat. But more importantly, he explained everything to me as he went along while giving me tips about furnace maintenance. I also had a question about some wiring issues, and he assured me that everything was wired correctly. Furthermore, he explained what was wrong with my central air conditioner, and showed me how to fix it. He stuck around for a few minutes afterward to make sure that it was operating properly. He also told me how to monitor the furnace for correct operation over the next few days. I now have a much better understanding of how my furnace works. The extra education made me feel better about the entire situation. His price was exactly the same as his estimate, which made me happy, and he had the correct parts, in stock, in his truck.

I would definitely recommend Perry's and will call them again as needed. Their number is (309) 694-9177. They operate primarily out of the East Peoria and Peoria area.

Note: I have absolutely no affiliation with Perry's Heating & Cooling. I simply wish to recognize their amazing customer service and lower prices.


Rebecca said...

I'm glad it went well. That's great that he gave you so much information.

Josh said...

its always nice to find someone knowledgeable and honest. thanks for the tip also.