Thursday, October 4, 2007

Tomatillo Habanero Salsa

I found some pictures that I took about a month ago with my phone. I thought it might be nice to post them here. I am very passionate about Mexican food and would love to backpack the Chiapas Highlands, Jalisco, Oaxaca, and Mexico City. Oh, and the Yucatan. But that may not be for some time, so until then I will submit to creating my own private Mexico in my home where I can drink the water.

Incidentally, Mexican staples can be purchased here. You will always find limes, at most, 6/$100 as well as an assortment of fresh, dried, or smoked chilis. Avacados seldom cost more than a dollar, and are usually ready to eat.

Here are the husked tomatillos, habaneros, garlic, and chiles de arbol.

Next, the Tomatillos are halved and everything is "roasted" under the broiler.

Add some lime, cilantro, salt, and rinsed onion. Bash with a pestle. Notice the El Ranchero Chips. They are toothy, low sodium, and have a deep corn flavor.

Here are a couple of very simple sopes (little masa boats) with the salsa, queso chihuahua, and cilantro.


Ken P. said...

That looks yummy and healthy. Though, I've had those chips with you before, and they are way to hard and crunchy for my tast. I felt like I was going to crack a tooth.

JMeesh said...

Oh wow....that looks great! BTW, I love hard, crunchy chips. Man, I gotta get over there.